Jim Morrison
 8 X 12 in

I don't know why I draw. I did become fascinated as a youngster in the 50's with the "Modern Art" movement....some of my first "paintings were emulated versions of what I thought they were doing.
Dual Worlds 2
BRTH OF A Galaxy                           2003
I have an affinity for the line that is produced with the pen. Regular pens. Gels are nice as they flow....old Bic ball points work well, blue, black and an old worn out pen sometimes produces an interesting crosshatch.
2009   - white paper soaked in tea-    pen
L  e  o  n  a  r  d  o
Germany...van Gogh after self-portrait in black ink                          1975
I often draw on newspapers and magazines...where there is an empty, negative...space.

Artistic inclinations
living in Germany in 1970's

Lennon....drawn at a Bookstore...on a brown napkin 2009

untitled    2001

I don't draw to draw...I draw to fill time. Sometimes, most of the time I'm glad I started a drawing...which can be the hardest part.

Now I am living in Vero Beach, Fl. I am also a Photographer.
Syd Barrett drawn from Mojo Magazine Mar. 2010
Something New, 2008
Bill Fay, Musician/Composer

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1973 - 2010
e  p  i  a   g  r  a  f  i  x
May 2,  1974
collected drawings of D a v i d B a z i n e t
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